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Jenko Fishing Booty Shaker Swimbait

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There’s no doubt that fishing a swimbait produces quality bites. The Jenko Booty Shaker Swimbait, on the other hand, is made for catching those trophy-sized bites. A large, hand-poured swimbait made with a super soft and pliable, environmentally-friendly blend of soft plastic, it features a a heavy kicking boot tail, a wide body, and a large head complete with molded gill plates.

 The exaggerated features of the Booty Shaker Swimbait give it an enticing rolling action, and a very erratic tail kick that big bass love. It also uses a lethal combination of Baitfish Scent Attractant and UV Enhanced plastic to give it even more appeal in the water. Jenko Fishing recommends rigging the Booty Shaker Swimbait with a Jenko Fishing Long Shank Custom Swimbait Jighead, or utilizing the split belly design to rig it weightless. It can also be rigged with a weighted swimbait hook to keep it deeper in the water column, while still maintaining a weedless profile. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the Jenko Booty Shaker Swimbaits offer options for all anglers who want to catch a higher quality fish.

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