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Destroyer Baits Jarhead

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A unique pill-shaped jighead, the Destroyer Baits Jarhead's large eyes and hypnotizing propeller give any small 2-4" swimbait or minnow bait a lifelike appeal and wobble that baitfish-eating bass can't resist.

Lures and Lead pro Justin Kimmel designed 5 specific color patterns to match perfectly with the most proven and popular finesse swimbaits and minnows on the market, including but not limited to the Keitech Easy Shiner and Swing Impact Fat, Megabass Spark Shad, Z-Man Scented Jerk Shadz, Missile Spunk Shad and Deps Sakamata Shad. Whether it's Sight Flash, Herring, Tennessee, Purple Smoke or Albino, there is sure to be a color to match most smaller baitfish scenarios.

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